Image: Cambridge, Univ. Lib, Ms. Ff 6.8, fol. 10v

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Location: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Integrative Learning Center, Room S240

Google maps link to the building location here

8:30 | Coffee and Pastries

9:00 | Opening Remarks

9:15 | Session One: Cut-ups

Aden Kumler

“Canonizing a Catastrophe: The Curious Case of the Carmelite Missal”

Michael Gaudio

“Patchwork Bibles: Scripture and Surface at Little Gidding”

Discussion with Aden Kumler, Michael Gaudio, Sonja Drimmer, and Jessica Maier

11:00 | Coffee

11:30 | Session Two: Totems and Tactile Encounters

Radiclani Clytus

“From Portrait Props to ‘Pocket Pistols’: The Totemic Function of Black Books”

Kathryn Rudy

“How English Audiences Manhandled Their Manuscripts”

Discussion with Radiclani Clytus, Kathryn Rudy, Britt Rusert, and Jenny Adams

1:15 | Lunch

2:45 | Session Three: Flaps and Blanks

Juliet Sperling

“Transforming the Metamorphosis

Phillip Round

“The Blank in Indian Country”

Discussion with Juliet Sperling, Phillip Round, John Moore, and Michael Kelly

4:30 | Closing Remarks by Barry Moser

5:00 | Reception